Swedish Massage
This technique increases nutrition and oxygen to all body tissues.  Indulge yourself in the blissful state of relaxation and feel those tight muscles release.  Massage is an excellent form of preventative health maintenance & it feels as great as it sounds!

30 minutes                                                                    $40.00

60 minutes                                                                    $70.00

90 minutes                                                                    $105.00


Couples Massage
Share the relaxing and beneficial massage experience!  Enjoy two, 60 minute Swedish massages side-by-side in a private room.

60 minutes Swedish                                                       $140.00

60 minutes Deep Tissue/Therapeutic                            $160.00

90 minutes Swedish                                                       $210.00

90 minutes Deep Tissue/Therapeutic                            $240.00

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage/Therapeutic
A deeper massage technique designed to remove trigger points, muscle tension, stress & fatigue.

30 minutes                                                                   $45.00

60 minutes                                                                   $80.00

90 minutes                                                                   $120.00


Aromatherapy Massage
Breathe deeply and reap the benefits from your choice of aromatherapy oils.  Choose from:

Inspiration    - to motivate mind & body. (Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli)

Renewal - a rejuvenating lift. (Palmarosa, Petitegrain, Rosewood)

Serenity - soothing & calming. (Lavender, Manderin, Cedarwood)

60 minutes                                                                   $75.00


An ancient principle based on the idea that reflexes located in the hands and feet affect every gland, organ & system of the body.  By applying systematic pressure to certain points, the corresponding regions are stimulated and the entire body relaxed. 

30 minutes                                                                  $42.50


Foot Massage
Enjoy a massage concentrating solely on your feet.  

30 minutes                                                                  $42.50

Chair Massage
In a hurry?  Never had a massage?  Chair massage may be just what you need!  Relax fully clothed on a specially designed chair, while the tension is coaxed from your shoulders, neck and back.  Rent a Therapist for your next party or office function!

15 minute minimum                                                   $1.00 per minute


Cranial Sacral
This therapy focuses on balancing the cerebral spinal fluid.  An energy based modality including light touch and holding points.  May be done fully clothed.

60 minutes                                                                  $80.00

Prenatal Massage
Using pillows to provide comfort for a well-deserved break, this massage provides relief for the mother-to-be who is past her first trimester.

60 minutes                                                                  $70.00

Massage Services


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