At Healthy Touch Therapeutic Massage, we believe that massage is preventative healthcare maintenance. It is our mission to keep your investments in your health affordable.

We offer a peaceful environment, all natural massage products, and skilled, caring Massage Therapists.  All of our Certified Massage Therapists and Body Practitioners believe in the philosophy of “treating the body as a whole.”  For it is only when the mind, body, and spirit are in balance that  true healing can occur.

We invite you to stop by our office, chat with our friendly office staff, and then indulge yourself with the gift of health and relaxation. We look forward to sharing our 'Touch of Aloha' with you.

Getting massage regularly is not a luxury, it's part of a healthy lifestyle!

- Releases Muscle Tension
- Relieves Headaches
- Supports the Immune System
- Enhances Flexibility
- Improves Sleep
- Increases Endorphin Production

Renew the body

Relax the Mind

revive the soul


A Touch of Aloha