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Healthy Touch Therapeutic Massage

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Honey Facial & Reflexology
A combination of two relaxing and detoxifying modalities. 
30 minutes                                       $40.00

Honey Facial
A honey based mixture to detoxify and revive your face

15 minutes                                        $25.00

Foot Lovers Ritual
Enjoy a reflexology session & a paraffin dip.
30 minutes                                       $40.00

Castor Oil Pack 
Believed to affect and help correct imbalances in body systems
                                                         $25 .00

Body Butters
Your choice of delicious mango or scrumptious chocolate butter cream


Paraffin Dip
Indulge your hand and feet in a warm bath of paraffin wax to soften and detoxify your skin 

Hands                                              $7.00

Feet                                                 $12 .00

Both                                                 $17.00

Essential Oils 
Inspiration - to motivate mind & body. (Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli)
Renewal - a rejuvenating lift. (Palmarosa, Petitegrain, Rosewood)
Serenity - soothing & calming. (Lavender, Manderin, Cedarwood)



Hot Towels
Add a hot, steaming towel to any massage for soothing comfort.